Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Favorite Part of Neverland

I know I have a problem. Okay, an obsession.

But when I was recently asked to create a new piece for a Disney Fine Art event a few weeks ago, the mermaid lagoon scene from Peter Pan was all I could think about. I thought it would probably be best to go ahead and get it out of my system before things got out of hand.

10" x 24" paper collage and gouache

I have been keeping busy working on several projects and getting ready for CTN-X next week! If you happen to be going to the show, you can find me at Table 56 right next to my good friend and fellow mermaid enthusiast, Liana Hee! I should have more updates before the show, but until then have a lovely week!


Amanda said...

Lovely! Your work always inspires and impresses me! I saw you at your booth last year but I was a bit shy to say hello. Maybe this year :p

Jerrod Maruyama said...

There are not enough exclamation points and capital letters to express my love of this! Absolutely stunning - graceful and beautiful.

Unknown said...

your work is amazing! Fine art! you're gorgeous, keep the great job going and inspiring! big hug!

Phillip Light said...

Sooooo beautiful!! I love your use of colors and line and the playfulness of it :)

Dude said...

turquoise tails are the best things *U*

Laure illustratrice said...

c'est magnifique !

Gillibean said...

So beautiful! Always amazed at the atmosphere you capture! I love the little details in the water highlights and the sparkles in the hair!

Ill pop by and say hello next weekend!

Mery said...

OHHH!!! It's Wonderfull!! It's my favourite part of Peter Pan too!! ^-^

Tai said...

Argh i love this so much!!

Domas said...

Great colors! The mermaids are great!!

Denny said...

Amazing kind of art!

kalonji said...

very impressive !! great colors .

TANYA LYON said...

Beautiful Piece Brittney! You perfectly recreated that scene in your own style. Love it!

Mark MacKay said...

Great work! I love the colors! Very beautiful work.

Bobby Pontillas said...

I just saw this in the hall yesterday it's brilliant , great seeing you yesterday !

Eliezer França (Eli) said...


Katelyn said...

absolutely beautiful!

Miss-Manitas said...

Don't worry! we enjoy very much your obsesion ;)'re an inspiration, thanks for your posts :)

Unknown said...

Love this. Happens to be my favorite part of Neverland as well!

Jenny said...

Sigh. So beautiful! Someday I hope to own one of your paper mermaids. Lovely, lovely.

JennySRP said...

omygosh this is so amazing.
I'll see you at CTN! woo hoo!

Kyrstin said...

Lovely! I can't make it out to CTN this year, but as soon as I get paid your art book is one of the first things I'm buying. :)

NelsonG said...

Simply fantastic!

NelsonG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robyn said...

This is outstanding! Might you make prints of this?

Karen said...

peter pan was always one of my favorite stories! thanks for bringing it to life! your work is amazing! please keep sharing it!

irene said...

Such cute drawings!! Have to follow you!!! :)

Eric Scales said...

Beautiful! I love the blonde mermaids hair flowing into the water behind her and the one who's tail is half in the rock's shadow.

Emerson Fialho said...

Ficou maravilhoso, parabéns!

Slim Secrets Britney Spears said...

cool keep posting friend

Dela Longfish said...

Gorgeous piece, love graphic and illustrative feel you able to get. Inspiring:)

Tink said...

that was colorful,it was really beatiful.

Visansaya Loisawai said...

beautiful ,the mermaids and Peter Pan are very adorable :D

Jon Lankry said...

wonderful work !!

卤猫 said...


Lamont Hunt said...

LOVE this one! Peter Pan is my favorite classic Disney film! So, it's great to see you add him to the mermaid goodness you got going on. I can't wait to go to CTN again this year! It'll be good to see you again and looking forward to seeing if you got some new prints and such! :)

Mélanie said...

I love this one!!! So beautiful!

Stefania Montaruli said...

awww ** fantastic!!! you are very good

Ramona said...

AAAHH!! THIS IS AMAZING! It doesn't help that I loove mermaids! Gorgeous! I don't know how you do it everytime but your talent is incredible!

Daisy Church said...

gorgeous as always: i always loved that scene the best as well : D

Unknown said...

Very beautiful! I wish I could express my writing in the way you did this creation!

Todd and Doug said...

ABSOLUTELY Fabulous!!!! I'm in love in so many ways! Please, Please, PLEASE make prints of this available!! Will the original be available for sale?? Where and When?
Brittney, you are AMAZING!

Leslie Strock said...

Amazing! I absolutely love your art! You're one of the artists that got me back into paper cut outs. :>

{M.M.S.} said...

I adore this!!! Peter Pan is my favorite! I think you captured the scene perfectly!

Marie-Helene said...

Your piece is amazing! And Peter Pan is such a lovely character!

Anonymous said...

Wow-I just discovered your page and your work is amazing! It is truly some of the most beautiful stuff I've seen in a while. Thank you for sharing your gift! *^_^*

Jocelyn Liang said...

I always love your mermaids. They're so beautifully designed, not to mention elegant.
I'll be going to CTN as well! Hope to see you there.

Sunny said...

My favorite part too! Beautiful work.

Mih said...

I'm truly in love with your work!!
Soooo beautiful and inspirational!!

Xavier Yabut said...

Beautiful work! I like the composition and colors in this piece!

Anonymous said...

Your art is so inspiring! very sweet !

Carolina Lopes Barbosa said...

everything you do is just amazing! and i always get inspired. i love your style and the art that you make with paper.. i even tried it out.. i'm training, maybe one day i will get closer to you! =D....

Ftisy said...

(First, sorry for my bad english : I'm French. I hop you will understand me... ^^')

So ! That's beautiful ! I love your work. And the subjects you choose to draw. I love your fanarts of Harry Potter and The Little Mermaid.

Congratulation for all your work. Are you on Deviant art ?

Good continue !

Malgorzata Arska said...

It was great meeting you at ctn!
you are lovely, confetti is laying on my desk ... I just love it, really great collection of your artworks ..very charming :)

Subing said...

OHHH!!! It's Wonderfull!! It's my favourite component of Peter Pan too!!

damon said...

amazing love it

Missy said...

You're channeling Mary Blair so hard here:

AND I LOVE IT. Keep up the awesome work!!!

Missy said...

Let's try that again:Mary Blair Peter Pan

Michael Herrera said...

Wow. This is just stunning. Beautifully done!

Monica said...

What kind of paper art is this?

Vince Vassallo said...

Beautiful piece!

Mushk Rizvi said...

Super cute!

sakiteriyaki said...

i love this

Sarah A said...

Just gorgeous! Wonderful work!

Amanda Olivia said...

hey i like your blog..its pretty cool!

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Abril Puente said...

I love your work! It´s amazing and probably everyone says this to you but It´s really beautiful; well, I´m fourteen and i hope I can draw as pretty as you whan I grow up!
keep drawing like that, kisses,
Abril Puente

Anonymous said...

Had to find your site after seeing your Christmas Tinkerbell piece on the D23 Facebook page. Love love love your work! Oh my goodness, Peter Pan is my absolute favorite too!

Chelsg said...

Oh please oh please make this a print! I love your mermaids :)!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

You're such an inspiration! Your disney work is beautiful (and your other work as well). I love it all.

Wilma (12) said...

Omg, just pure talent! Srsly, how is it possible? Your other Disney work is also pretty amazing �� You learned this by yourself, or did u have any teachers, or anything? I find your art really beautiful, and I see I am not the only one.

Unknown said...

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