Friday, August 28, 2015

Checking In!

The last days of summer might be one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is still wonderful and everyone is gearing up for the excitement of a new school year. There is a simultaneous calm and energy in the air. For me, personally, all of the busy-ness of San Diego Comic Con and D23 are over, and there are still a few short months until the crazy that is The Holidays sets in. I was born during these dog days, got married on one of these dog days, and generally just feel best right about now.

I'm getting ready to head back to the East Coast to celebrate my little sister's wedding (!) and for a short but much-needed vacation with my guy. It seems like I'm always teasing things on my plate, but goodness - fully loaded, multiple spinning plates is what is happening over here.  Some examples include this , this, and maybe most notably this (daily sneak peeks happen on Instagram, folks!) so I promise I'm not leading you all on.

So while I don't have much new work to share, I wanted to pass along  some of my late-summer joy. From now through Sunday enjoy 10% off of all items in my etsy shop including the new items from SDCC that have just been listed! Just use the code SUMMERSALE at checkout. Enjoy these last long days, friends! I will check back in soon!