Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm back after a very busy, exhausting, and ultimately fun month. When you only go home to visit once in a year, there are a lot of things to do and people to see in a very short amount of time!I was actually only gone for two weeks, but I needed another two weeks to recover after the trip. Plus I have been sick for the last week, so hopefully I may be excused for my lack of posts...

I actually have some other projects a-brewin' that would better suit this week's Illustration Friday topic of "Wedding" but none of them are finished....or have even been started for that matter. If I'm feeling especially ambitious, I might try to get one done and posted before Friday. I might.

This is actually a piece that I was hired to do as a birthday present. The recipient is from Virginia (but living in California) and misses the turning of the leaves that you don't see as much here as on the East Coast. I can relate to that - fall is beautiful in Pennsylvania. I thought it would be appropriate for the "Wedding" topic because of the couple in the image. That, as well as the fact that I am going home in a few weeks for an autumn-themed wedding. The oranges in this painting are the colors for that wedding, so it all fits....sort of. Anyhow, enjoy!

Have a great Monday!