Saturday, December 10, 2011

Its Time to Play the Music...

I'm so happy to be able to show you all my contribution to "The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me", the Jim Henson Tribute show that opens tonight at Gallery Nucleus. My piece is titled "Its Time to Light the Lights", and I thought it would be fun to show Bunson and Beaker getting into some trouble. Poor Beaker never seems to benefit from Bunson's experiments.

Here is some more information about the show:

Jim Henson's accomplishments have left a widespread and enduring impression on generations of admirers since his first endeavors in the late 1950s. From his iconic and colorful cast on Sesame Street to the groundbreaking fantasy Dark Crystal, Henson's imagination and ingenuity have ignited a path that many others have since followed.

Timed with the release of Disney's The Muppets motion picture and news on a forthcoming Henson biopic, Nucleus has invited more than 30 artists to pay homage to this universally beloved visionary whose inspiring concepts and characters have impacted our culture in a monumental way. The collection will showcase a variety of mediums from a roster of professionals who are also genuine fans.

Opening Night Highlights:

• Hourly Raffle Prizes
• Meet exhibiting artists
• Live Holiday & Henson Tunes by Kwortet
• Complimentary cupcakes by Chwa Cupcakery
• Complimentary refreshments
• Celebrate the season with fellow art lovers
• Shop unique gifts for those on your gift list

Exhibiting Artists Include:
*Artists attending reception

Alberto Cerriteno
Anna Chambers
Becky Dreistadt
Brittney Lee
Cat Rabbit
Chuck Groenink
Colin Jack
Felt Mistress
Graham Annable
Helen Musselwhite
*Ian Abando
Isobel Knowles
Israel Sanchez
Jackie Huang
*Jared Andrew Schorr
Jeni Yang
*Julia Sonmi
Lorelay Bové
Lorena Alvarez
Mark Facey
Meg Hunt
*Michelle Thies
*Mike Mitchell
*Mike Peraza

Olivier Tossan
Scott C
Sean Chao
Sebastien Mesnard
Wool Buddy
Xavier Collette

I will be there tonight as well, so come on down if you can! I hope to see you there!