Thursday, February 07, 2008

IF: Blanket.....of Snow!

My sister is a budding star snowboarder, so I painted this for her for Christmas. I have never snowboarded, and I think it has been about 14 years since the last time I snow skied (I much prefer warm weather and water skiing), but I'm pretty sure that I do remember that its the most fun when there is a nice thick blanket of powdery snow covering the slopes. I know its a stretch, but that's how I'm tying this one into Illlustration Friday this week. Enjoy!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Weekend Project: Fabriano Sketchbook Makeover

On January 19th, Dave, Bill, and I joined the SF Bay Area Sketchcrawlers for a day of sketching in Chinatown. At the end of the day everyone who was still around swapped sketchbooks for inspiration, and one thing became very obvious: Fabriano sketchbooks are very popular. So many of them looked so much alike (on the outside) that it was hard to tell them all apart from one another.

Last weekend, Dave suggested that I "customize" my Fabriano so that it would never get lost in a sea of look-a-likes again. Thus, I spent my Sunday afternoon having a grand 'ol time with my sketchbook, some decoupage glue, and a bunch of trader joe's paper bags that I have collected for whenever we happen to forget our canvas ones. Here is the end result!

The "Just Because I Can" part of me even found it necessary to add a little business card holder in the back. This part is probably completely unnecessary, but it is cute and it made me happy to do it nonetheless. The whole project was a lot of fun so I recommend it to anyone with a Fabriano (or any sketchbook or journal for that matter), some paper bags that need recyclin', and some time. Rainy sunday afternoons are probably the best time, but any extra time would probably suffice:)

I leave you with a watercolor figure drawing from last weekend's class. Have a nice weekend everyone!