Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Best Day.

 2012 was a big year. While I don't usually like to delve too much into personal details on this little blog, I reserve the right to do so when I believe it is necessary! David and I got hitched back in August, and we were very fortunate to have our wedding featured this week on Green Wedding Shoes! Since the incredible photos by Sloan Photographers and our absolutely stunning video by Geoff Boothby of Sharkpig are out there for the world to see, I thought this might be an opportune time to share some of the paper goods from our shin-dig. 

And oh. Were there ever paper goods.

These are just a few of said paper goods.

The overall design of our invitation suite was eclectic - just like us! We drew inspiration from some mid-century design, the gold and coral/pink palette that we had already chosen for our wedding, my love for biting off more than I (or we) can chew, and the bond that holds us together - movies. We met in film school. We work together on films. And when we are not working, you can usually find us arguing the finer plot points of a movie we have just seen over cocktails. It is just what we like to do!

So our save-the-dates were Jaws themed. Why? Well, we were brainstorming one night and David drew a fabulous concept sketch (his drawings have much more character than mine do). It was so funny that I cried from laughing so hard.  The wedding was taking place on a lake, so water seemed appropriate. We already had a movie theme going, so Jaws could work right into that. And I loved the cheesy play on "saving" the date. We engineered the card so that when you pull the tab at the base, a pretty-little oxygen tank releases from or boat. If you have seen Jaws, you know why this happens. If not, well, maybe you should re-visit this post when you have.

I designed the cards (based on David's sketches) and he figured out the necessary mechanics to make them work the way we wanted them to! Teamwork!

Then came the actual invitations. This is where the "I love to bite off more than I can chew" aspect of this project comes in. Our save-the-dates were so unique that we had no idea how to step-it-up for the invitations. Except by making them 3 layered, full-on pop up movie-marquis cards. So that is what we did!

We liked the idea of having our names in lights, so we designed a movie-marquis around a pop-up mechanic. Each card was cut and glued by hand, then secured with a little painting that I had done of the two of us (top image) and wrapped in a gold-glitter belly band. To make them extra fancy (and to spread as much glitter across the country as we possibly could), we lined the envelopes with gold glitter paper as well. I wanted our guests to feel as though they were opening an envelope from the academy awards. Well, I don't know if Academy Award envelopes have gold glitter in them, but maybe they should.

This is just a taste of all of the crazy projects we worked on for our wedding day, but you can certainly see more over at Green Wedding Shoes. It was a wonderful day, David is a wonderful boy, and all of the time we spent on our little projects (I think) was completely worth it.

As a random side note - I wanted to give everyone a little heads-up that I recently updated the shop! A bunch of new prints with (hopefully) more to come soon. Thank you, as always, for continuing to check back.  Have a wonderful week!