Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is where I spent my summers growing up, and what I think of as home. That is my sister and me drawing and dreaming on the lawn. Whenever I'm stressed out, I think about being here and it always makes everything better.

The tree that I am leaning against was over 100 years old and had nearly been split in half by lightening before I was born. Cement was poured in the hole for support, but the tree around the cement rotted away long ago. For as long as I can remember there has been a large cement branch jutting out from one side of the tree. I left that part out of the painting for aesthetic reasons :) Anyway, that poor old tree could not make it through another harsh Pennsylvania winter and fell last December. It was truly legendary, and I cannot imagine home without it.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rain Boots and Best Friends

Inspired by my golden retriever who I miss so much because he is all the way back in PA.

I did this itty-bitty piece as a mini-print for Wondercon and then I forgot to post it. I remembered about it today after watching the new UP trailer. ("SQUIRREL!" - hahahahah, so true and SO funny.) I cannot WAIT for this movie!
I'm working hard and would like to have some new things to show you in the next few days. Until then, have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Post Con Post

Wondercon flew by, but an awesome time was had by all. I didn't see nearly as much of the floor as I would have liked to, but I managed to sneak away for a few minutes on Sunday morning to snag these beauties:
Patrick Morgan's latest book. He was our booth neighbor across the aisle, and soo nice and extremely talented to boot.
I picked up both of Donnachada Daly's books. I absolutely love his flowing designs and have oggled his work for years. Such a great guy - he even gave me this print:
Oh, how I love it so.

I met an very nice gentleman named Travis Hanson, and he traded me this print for one of my Kane prints. Such detail! Wow.


Every since Bill Presing posted this beauty on his blog, I have been pining for it. Ofcourse, everything that comes out of him is magic, but for some reason this piece brings me extra joy. Thank you, Bill, for being awesome and making this a print. Now I just need to find some wall space that is worthy of its presence.

And last but not least, what might be THE find of Wondercon. "Wildsville" by Mr. Derek Yaniger:
If you like retro/tiki art, you need this book. And perhaps 1 or maybe 5 of his serigraphs. Such great color and energy! And he even did this drawing for me on the inside cover of my book:
Nothing brings out the warm fuzzies like my very own hula girl drawing. Derek is one cool cat.

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth - you made my weekend for sure. I am sad that Wondercon only comes once a year, but now I have enough inspiration to last me for the next few months. Also, I should note that I just added LOTS of artwork to the shop, so go check it out. I think I have blabbed enough for now ( I talk too much when I'm excited) but I should have new artwork for the blog sometime in the next few days. Thanks for looking, everybody!