Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birthday, Mother's Day, and Citrus All In One

So this is my attempt at digital painting. I decided a while back that I would do a series of paintings for my mom for her birthday/Mother's day (which are only two weeks apart). The theme of the series is her with our dog (Maui) going about their daily activities at our lake house. That seems to be where they both are happiest and that is how I like to think of them. I initially started painting them on watercolor paper, but I got so frustrated with the results that I decided I needed to try something new. And here is the first completed piece created completely in photoshop.... enjoy! I will post the rest of them as I finish them.

For those of you who know my mother (ahem, Lainey) please don't say anything to her about what I'm up to. I am getting this one printed and will be taking it home to her next week, so until then keep this hush hush. I am fairly certain that my mom doesn't get online for anything uless it is completely necessary, so I'm hopefully safe there. If not, Happy Birthday/Mother's Day, Mom!

And finally, since I haven't posted to Illustration Friday in FOREVER, I thought that I would make this fit into this weeks topic: citrus. The palette is "citrusy" right? And also, this is a painting of morning at the lake, and I gaurantee that later on this particular afternoon my mom will make margaritas, which are made with lime juice, which is a citrus fruit. So there.

Happy Wednesday!