Saturday, May 23, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

So, I saw this:

And then I was tempted to do this:

But then I decided that painting the picture was a safer choice. Much less chance that I would have my eyes clawed out by a certain orange cat who shall remain anonymous.

All joking aside, Up is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations to everyone at Pixar for doing such an amazing job! Go see it on Friday!

I know I have been slacking - I am trying to find the balance between work-work and personal-work (oh, and life, too) and I just haven't gotten it all figured out yet. The good news is that this weekend is all about getting ready for Maker Faire, so I should meet my 2 post quota for the first time in months! If you are in the Bay Area, you should stop by and say hello next weekend! After you go see Up, of course.


Bill Robinson said...

If only Popo was really that fat...and happy. I can't wait to see Up! :D

Sara said...

Es precioso!! ademas se parece a mi gato :)
Me encantan tus dibujos

XENöSIS said...

So cute! Great work. You have an amazing talent :).

Unknown said...

Oh that's too cute. I can't wait to see up, though I must wait til it appears in wide release. I've had a tough week and it'll help to keep my mind off of everything. lol. But beatiful job on the drawing and good luck balancing everything!

RAWLS said...

Luckeee! I can't wait to go see this! Nice pic as well my friend!

Hans said...

I LOVE your style! Very appealing colors and designs. I can't wait to go see "UP" on Friday. The annual Pixar release, is always a big highlight of my year:)


~Shannon~ said...

Hehe, love your floating kitty, nice parody to Up! You have a crazy amount of talent and i love to look at your blog, so inspiring!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Absolutely love it. I like your stuff!
And, just so you know, I am STOKED for Up!

Gulzar said...

I loved it!





Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Popo would be more into popping those balloons than flying with them... I'm excited to see your stuff at Maker Faire! :)

kwistin said...

YES! just so you know, i am such a fan of your work! i love your fluid figures and fantastic color combinations.

this piece made me giggle. i saw UP on opening day. i laughed, i cried...and i repeated that pattern many times throughout the show. yay Pixar; way to have great taste. :)

Martin W. said...

haha i love that cat! very nice blog, lovely designs!

Ken said...

thats the coolest cat character design I reckon I ever saw... very cute!

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