Thursday, February 18, 2016

February Girls!

Well hello there!

I love to try new things - to push past what I know (and know how to do) and to forage into unknown territory. Inevitably, in doing so, I often discover happy accidents... as well as a fair share of unforeseen problems.

 When I set the goal to make 500 Calendar Girls for 2016, I knew it would be a challenge. I drastically underestimated that challenge. The holidays are a busy time of year in general, but the 2015 holidays hit me like a ton of bricks being launched from trebuchets in every direction. I have tried to be a little off-the-radar for a bit because all signs were definitely pointing towards me needing to slow down and take a break for my own health and sanity. That helped tremendously, so now I think we can pick up the pace a little.

So, long story short - I still have 2016 Calendar Girls! A LOT of 2016 Calendar girls. And they are finally ready to be shared with you lovely folks!

I'm going to be releasing them again in batches - about 25-30 calendars per batch over the course of a few days. The listings will be posted in my shop right here, and the release schedule will be as follows:

February Calendar Girl Release Schedule

Sunday, February 21st at 9pm PST
Monday, February 22nd at 10am PST
Tuesday, February 23rd at 12pm PST
Wednesday, February 24th at 2pm PST
Thursday, February 25th at 5pm PST

For those of you who may be new to this site or to buying calendars, I recommend taking a look at this post for some troubleshooting tips! The price for this new batch of calendars will be reduced to $75 each, and all girls include the full deck of 2016 calendar pages. 

I will also be doing a giveaway on Instagram! I'll put details up over there soon:)

Thank you all so very much for your patience - here's to 2016 being the best year yet!


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