Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lovely at Wonderground Gallery: Part 2

The queen.

In order to stay inspired as an artist, I find that it is best for me to constantly have multiple ideas and projects brewing. Every once in a while, though, I will have one project that I am just dying to work on. It brews and builds and eventually becomes an all consuming monster that absolutely has to get out or it will wreck me.

Enter this familiar face/hairdo/dress combo.

Ever since I worked on the Maleficent piece for the Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray (which I realize I've never posted about….more on that later) I've been intrigued by creating fully sculptural paper pieces. They are so much more labor intensive and harder to plan than my usual relief fare, but part of what I find inspiring about creating any artwork is what I don't know...and subsequently learn in the process. And these pieces involve lots of learning. And failing. And learning some more. Sometimes (aka a lot of times) tears.

I learned A LOT while working on this piece, and I considered starting over from scratch quite often. In fact, as I went to photograph her to get final approval from Disney, I very nearly scrapped her altogether. It took my much more sane, balanced husband saying "What?! What are you talking about?!" to draw me back from the edge. I suppose the closer a project is to you, the harder it is to see clearly with objective eyes. Elsa means a lot to me - I wanted to be able to do her justice.

This piece is titled "One with the Wind and Sky", and it is my love note to her. It is my love note to Frozen - to the people who let me be a part of this wonderful film and for the two years that I was allowed to help craft it.  To Idina for lending her perfect voice, and for all of it for making pretty much all of my dreams come true. Geeze - we are in danger of having more Frozen gush sessions than mermaid posts around here.

This post is several weeks late - I had initially intended on posting her the day that she would debut at the Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disneyland, but unfortunately a stomach flu put a wrench in all of my grand-master plans. I'm on the mend, though, and thought that she would be worth posting anyway. Thank you to everyone who has already made the trip to see her in Disneyland, and for all of your kind words of support. Happy Holidays to all!


Jeff Maka Merghart said...

OMG! That is so beautiful and so detailed!! Merry Christmas! :)

Todd and Doug said...

This simply beyond beautiful, Brittney! Your personal vision and talents are unquestionable. When you feel like giving up on a concept, listen to your husband and your fans and just keep going! What we wouldn't give to see this in person! BRAVO, young lady - BRAVO!!!

Marucha castaño said...

feliz navidad! saludos desde bs.as. =)

SpiffyChickenArt said...

Wow!! The way you can bring everything from your lovely 2D style into a 3D sculpture is amazing, especially how everything is still so fabulously shape-based! I really dig how the hair and ice magic are layered (respectively) and have those neat swirls and curls! And the use of all the different types of paper/textures is so wonderfully effective! Looking at all these details, I can't even begin to imagine how much work and effort was put into this, just... wow!! The level of love you have for and put into your work is really inspiring, and the fact that you just keep pushing the boundaries with what you can do with your art is incredible! Congratulations on this amazing piece of art and have a Happy Holidays!

katzyair said...

This is simply unreal. leaves me breathless. great work. keep on, wish you could share more on the process :)

Kittie Svendsen said...

I nearly cried when you wrote it was a love letter to Elsa, Frozen, Idina, and everyone. It's beautiful :')

Boul2Gom said...

Brittney, you're such an inspiration... Your work is amazing and keeps being breathtaking with every new piece. This is absolutely wonderful :)

Lynnetta said...

I'm totally in awe. How is this all paper?!?

Hear Me said...

We're adoring your work over on Reddit - https://redd.it/3xx9c4

Naviss said...

I can't imagine the amount of work to make this awesome piece of art ! I love the details and feelings of this incredible journey of yours you share to us. These show more deeply the hard work you made and the feelings you share with the Frozen universe you worked on. Anyway, amazing work here that really do justice to Elsa in my opinion.

Jazzyfizz8 said...

I think this is the most perfect sculpture I've ever seen and although you're famous for paper sculptures, YOU MADE THIS OUT OF PAPER!! This is why you're my favourite artist. Please keep doing what you do!

Keren said...

Wow. This is gorgeous. It's amazing to see what people can do with paper. I'm glad you didn't scrap her when you were frustrated.

Rocío Cintrón said...

It's exquisite! Love how honest you are about process, sometimes tears are part of the process! Congrats on all those dreams come, hopefully many more!

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Natalia Popławska said...

Wow! Beautiful *o*

Camille Epplin said...

Thank you for sharing your work. With your explanation I do not look your creation at the same angle. This is not simply a "one more creation ".
I take more time to look at your beautiful paper statue and feels more emotions. Thank you and I wish you well for the new year approaching.

Avanti Andhale said...

You are truly Amazing. The Detailing on this piece is Mind Boggling ! I'm a big fan of you and your Art Work. You inspire me to be Creative and broaden my Creative Horizon. I admire your patience and Skills. Thank you for Inspiring me. ☺

Lillie Lutin said...

WOW ! This is soooo impresive ! Really beautiful ! I'm a big fan of your work and I love this piece !

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brittanyedsallart said...

Hi Brittney,
This is an amazing work of art! I love how you depict your same artistic style in so many different mediums! Bravo and thank you for sharing such a piece of your heart with us.
Best Regards,
Brittany Edsall

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Patent Attorney said...

This is astonishing! My niece is very into Frozen and she would adore this.

Daniel Peik said...

I just want to say I've been following your work for about 2 years, and it's an inspiration.


Dani Campoy said...

Muy bueno!! :D

Te paso mi blog, espero que te guste y lo sigas :D


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Camila Moraes said...

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Gajraj Sharma said...
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Swati Kumbhar said...

Hello Brittney
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Swati Kumbhar said...
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Sinan Ali said...

Hello Brittney, just visited the Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disneyland yesterday on the last day of our 1 week Disney trip (visiting from Canada) and my son and I were flabbergasted by the intricate details and beautiful, lively design that made Elsa look as if she was actually living the moment. Amazing work!!

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