Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Hello? Anybody there?

I completely understand if the answer is no and I am speaking to vast amounts of nothing and nobody, because I majorly fell of the wagon of regular posting. Life (as seems to often be the case) happens, and it is not very considerate of my strict blogging schedule. 

In the off-chance that there is someone still checking this little space, I do have a rather fun update today! I was recently invited by the Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disneyland to create an exclusive piece of artwork based on Frozen, and the piece above (titled "Magic") is a peek at the final result. You can see the full, tall version below - clearly, I just can't get enough of these two.

I will be down at the gallery on Saturday, November 8th from 4-6pm for the release of the artwork (there will be a one-of-a-kind embellished print, special edition canvas prints, matted prints, and more available) and I will be signing artwork while I'm there! 

As far as I know, this piece will ONLY be available through the Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disneyland for the time being. If you are not able to make it to the event on Saturday and would like to buy artwork, you can place an order by e-mailing Merchandise Guest Services at merchandise.guest.services@disneyparks.com or call Merchandise Guest Services at 877-560-6477 (select option 2 for prints.) Leave a voicemail if they don't answer. Wonderground Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.

I am really looking forward to Saturday! Here's wishing you all a lovely week and I hope to see some of you this weekend at the happiest place on Earth!


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I'm here, and I'm enjoying this. A lovely retro aesthetic with some enticing graphic shapes.

BluePrint said...


Amy said...

Still here and still loving the artwork! Can't wait to meet you on Saturday!!! :)

Alessandra said...

I wish I could go...but I live on the east coast :)

Unknown said...

This piece is beautiful!

So we wont be able to purchase online? :'(

Addy Rivera Sonda said...

It's so beautiful! I love it as I love all your art!

s'mee said...

Still here also! Love your work, and who knows, maybe I can skip down to DTD and meet you in person! : )

Matt Stoffel said...

Daughter just saw this over my shoulder and I don't think you've even drawn eyes as wide as hers are. Love the print, but sad we're not in CA to pick one up. Might take you up on calling in an order! Keep on doing your thing!

This Day In Pixar said...

Still here! And it is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hello, still here!

Beautiful artwork! I wish I could go...

Jennie said...

Also still here. I got an email announcing you would be at WG on Saturday. I'm super excited and will be there after a stop at Sprinkles for an ice cream cupcake. :). Can I bring you anything? Salted Caramel this month woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Still here and still loving the illustrations. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Still here, following, and patiently waiting for posts like this one!

Unknown said...

Still here! :)

Wonderful piece!

Chelle said...

We are still here. This is fabulous!

Thanks for the tip on how to snag one if we aren't local!

Emily said...

The beauty of following you on Bloglovin is that I'll always see your posts, no matter how sporadic! Beautiful piece! :)

Unknown said...

Will you also sign copies of Lovely, or will it just be artwork?

Arahmynta said...

Still reading. :)

Jamie McCarthy said...

Beautiful 😃

I recently discovered your blog and love it!

Peng-Peng said...

still watching! this is so lovely and perfect! just another reason for me to be bummed that i live on the other side of the U.S.

Todd and Doug said...

Silly Mer-Girl - of course we're still here enjoying your posts! Celebrating Todd's 50th on Saturday in Columbus. Would love to be at WonderGround to say hello and buy! Will have to call!! Have a great time! You'll rock it out!!

Jan said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

aimee said...

I *also* follow you instagram, so I don't feel like I am missing much, but posts are always welcome! :)

Paeonia Drop said...

Like others, I also follow you on instagram, so I was able to see you with this piece and all the frames. I hope you have a wonderful event experience and meet many wonderful people.

Unknown said...

Well, I'm here too!
If I live in USA I will probably come to your event but unfortunately I'm really far away from you! One day I will buy one of your print for sure, because you are my muse! I hope to become great as you one day

Jeff Maka Merghart said...

Of course we're all here! :)
Cant get enough of them or your art either! Good luck and have fun Saturday! :)

Gray said...

Oh, it is so good to see an update - I love your piece of Anna and Elsa so much, it looks like it could almost come straight out of A Sister More Like Me. I love picking up that book just to look at your beautiful illustrations!
Ah, Wonderground! I went on vacay to Disneyland in March and I sure loved that store <3 I wish I could be there to see your piece! I hope you have fun!

Clebell said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHH! I am so excited to meet you! I think I might cry I'm so happy :)

Oh, Dinosaur! said...

I just love your style. It was our last Disney World day today, and I saw your Frozen book in Epcot at Norway and thought of you..

Rocío Salazar said...

What on Earth do I have to do to get a signed print being in Spain? I already tried by writting to the Gallery but they told me they can´t get me a signed piece. I would be so happy if you could do something... or anyone in this blog! Please! rociosalazarilustracion@gmail.com Greatings from the other side of my Elsa cup.

Emma said...

Please keep posting! I love your work!

Disegni di Nella said...

Amazing artwork! I can feel the magic in it! I really like it !

Unknown said...

Amazing!!! I love ur art work♡♡♡

SpiffyChickenArt said...

This piece is sooo lovely! I absolutely adore how you use shapes to direct movement within the composition! Seeing your work is always so inspiring, thanks for posting!
I'm jealous of people who got to pick one of these up, but I'm so looking forward to seeing your work at CTN soon! :D

Megan H. said...

So Pretty!
Love the colors and Retro feel!

Unknown said...

Yep, I still check your blog on the regular! Beautiful work, always!

Priscila Caballero said...

I check back often, more so recently hoping to see if there will be a calendar girl for 2015 :)

Unknown said...

Hi Brittney!

I was so pumped to see your post on my feedly right before going to Disneyland on a family vacation. I got the art of frozen book & the adorable magic postcard and am in love with both! Unfortunately by the time I bought them the line to meet you was craaaaazy, and I'm so bummed out that I didn't get a chance to say hi! I just wanted to let you know that I find your work so playful and gorgeous, and especially love looking at your process sketches. They're super inspiring, so please keep sharing on your blog!

Hope you had so much fun at the signing! It was such beautiful weather and you looked super happy to be there! Thanks again for sharing your work!


Furier Colors said...

This is so beautiful Brittney, I'm a fan of your work!

Amanda D Allen said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Jenny Cohen said...

I found prints in Downtown Disney Orlando! I had to get one, it's gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I'm here too! I'm just a month behind in my blog reading and am so bummed about that because I totally would have driven the hour to see you at Wonderground! How awesome!!

Mariana Nogueira said...

Hi Brittney, a hello from Brazil for you! I check your blog quite often and I always love what I see. Always a big inspiration! Congrats for the piece created! Bye!

Deedles said...

I just got the "Art of Frozen" book for Christmas. Dang, girl! Your concept art rocked my socks off!

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Michelle said...

Hi! Your work is beautiful - my sister and I fell in love with your illustration when we visited the Wonderground gallery in Downtown Disney last fall. Unfortunately, I lost the paper on which I had written your name and couldn't find your work again! I just happened to stumble onto your page today thanks to the artist Pernille; she posted a list of her 15 favorite artists, you 2nd on the list: http://drawings.pernilleoe.dk/post/89950468874/artists !

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Laura said...

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