Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lovely at Center Stage Gallery and CTN-X

There are a few special times every year when I feel like a complete and total crazy person - this week, known as "CTN-Expo Week" is one of those times. I wanted to make sure, though, with all of the prepping and craziness, that I took a moment to update this little space to let everyone know about all of the exciting things that make this week so crazy (in a good way!) So here goes!

Lovely Panel, Signing, and Show Opening at the Center Stage Gallery
Thursday, November 20th
Round table discussion at 5pm, book signing and reception to follow

I'm so happy to say that the Lovely girls are getting together one more time to chat and open the first and only American version of the Gallerie Arludik show from this past June! All six of us will be in attendance on Thursday night, and we will partake in a roundtable discussion moderated by the one and only Mr. Mike Gabriel! I think this is the official opening of the CTN-Expo -lots of new original artwork and there will be shuttles running back and forth to the gallery from the convention hall all weekend. If you are in town, you should definitely stop by!

The CTN-Expo

It is that time again! I will be set up very near to my usual spot (close to the front doors) at the CTN-Expo at the Burbank Marriott. In addition to my usual haul of prints and books, I will be debuting the first batch of 2015 Calendar Girls and Calendar Girl Refill packs! I will probably be bringing a limited number of Calendar Girls with me to the show each day, so try to swing by my table early if you are interested!

And for everyone who can't make it to LA but would still like a Calendar Girl - I have good news! We have a larger edition (of 200) this year, and will most likely be putting nearly half of them up in the shop before the holidays!  I'm thinking that thew will be going up in batches, but I will flesh out that plan and post more on it soon. For now, just know that they are coming!

I hope to see many friendly faces (both new and old) at the expo this weekend! If you plan to attend, I will apologize in advance for being at all "off". So far this week, forgetting what day it is, not knowing my current location, and losing my thoughts in the middle of a sentence have been alarmingly common occurrences, and while I will try to remedy that before Friday, just be warned.

Hope to see you all soon! Have a lovely week!


Lynnetta said...

Oh I hope I get a calendar girl this year! I missed out last year.

Alex_Munguia said...

There with you Lynetta...

trying to get a few...One autographed for me, one for nieces and one for my wife who's a huge fan of yours.

Todd and Doug said...

Would love to be able to stop by, say hello and pick up more art! We got a 2014 Calendar Girl and would love to give her a sister! We'll be watching!

Unknown said...

Love it !!!!

Dr.M said...

"off" haha, you're hilarious.

Monica said...

I bought one of your calendars last year and absolutely love it! Will you be selling any sets of the calendar cards without the stand? It would be fun to keep using the girl I have and be able to buy new calendar cards for her each year.

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Illeander said...

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