Monday, June 30, 2014

Heartwork 2014 - Hope

I know it has been too long, and I'm sorry for that. It seems like one day in March I was just having fun, happily writing a blog post, and the next thing I knew it was nearly July! I just don't know where the time goes.

The good news is that I wasn't neglecting this space for the sheer thrill of it. I've been busy with lots of projects, and I thought I would share one of them today. I was honored to be asked by Don Clark of Invisible Creature to contribute to this year's Heartwork project - a charity project to benefit Target House. This year's theme was "Hope", and all of the contributing artists were asked to create a piece that was their interpretation of that theme. Clearly, my interpretation of the theme involves mermaids. My interpretation of any theme involves mermaids. 

This piece and many others are available for purchase right here. They are all limited to a run of 10 prints only, so if you are interested don't wait! It is your chance to get some great artwork for a great cause!

There is quite a bit on the horizon here. Part of the reason that I have been MIA is because so much has been happening, and I will be updating on everything in short order. Thank you all so much for checking in - have a wonderful week and a happy and safe 4th of July!


なごみ said...

I know you through "Frozen".
It's very very very popular in Japan.
I love your pictures.
I bought some books illustrated by you.
(Little mermaid,Wreck-It Ralph,and Frozen)
There is so nice !!!beautiful!and cute!
I am looking forward to your work.

From:Nagomi Japan

petitealby said...

I just love it so much.. The colors are killing me :D

Louie said...

so beautiful, i love the colours!

Laura Fleischmann said...

That's very lovely! Thank you very much for sharing!

SpiffyChickenArt said...

Oh wow, those colors are completely stunning! What a gorgeous interpretation of Hope! It's really lovely to see your art again!

Anonymous said...

I like how the island is also like the sun. What a beautiful way to interpret hope

Monica said...

Beautiful! I can't help but think the story you're suggesting with it would make for such a cute animated short. Don't feel guilty about not posting so often, we love getting a chance to see your work whenever you share it!

Unknown said...

This is just absolutely lovely! Thanks so much for sharing. I always enjoying seeing your posts. Your art is always inspiring.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kaitlyn said...

This is absolutely lovely! I always enjoy seeing your posts. Your art is such an inspiration for me. I wish I could've gotten one of the prints. They must have sold out so fast.

Harga Laptop said...

Thank you for the post. Will use the instructions for my personal webpage. Thank you!

Shelley Whiting's art said...

I love this drawing. It's very magical, breezy and fairy tale like.

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Unknown said...

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