Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rain Boots and Best Friends

Inspired by my golden retriever who I miss so much because he is all the way back in PA.

I did this itty-bitty piece as a mini-print for Wondercon and then I forgot to post it. I remembered about it today after watching the new UP trailer. ("SQUIRREL!" - hahahahah, so true and SO funny.) I cannot WAIT for this movie!
I'm working hard and would like to have some new things to show you in the next few days. Until then, have a lovely weekend!


Tooninator said...

everything you do is so charming. Such inspiration.

Unknown said...

This one is nice too! I don't know which is cuter though..the dog or the kid. Thanks for commenting, I hope to be at Comic con, on a waiting list at the moment, so well see!
If I am though we should trade maybe. I have your Pele print, Poliahu would be nice addiction to it.

RAWLS said...

haha... so good! Nice work Brittney!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Suuuuper charming Britney. I really enjoy this one.

Afsaneh said...

Totally love your work!!! Your work is full of sweet expressions :)


This piece is really cute- Love it

Claire Vrabel said...

It really shows the best friend bond. I bought this print from you at WonderCon... and at Ape I purchased your print that was going towards the Humane Society. ;>
Good combo.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liana Hee said...

Hey Brit!

This illustration is sooo sweet! I love how shes lending the boots..and it looks just like the dog from Up! haha

Angela Lo said...

such a cute and pretty painting :)

MrBibleHead said...

You always do some great stuff and this is no exception. I love it Brittney. Great artwork and such a cute idea!

Anonymous said...


Nathanael Lark said...

Wow this is so gorgeous. Beautiful job!

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