Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sketchcrawl 18

Some sketches from Saturday's Sketchcrawl:

My warmup: quick uniball sketches of everyone sketching. Most of the time I would look up and the person I was drawing would be drawing me! A fair trade, I suppose.

A sketch from the park at Fort Mason. Dave fell asleep on the grass while I worked on this. I think he had a nice nap.

This girl in Ghirardell Square knew she was being drawn. She was posing for us.
It was a bit chilly.
Inside Ghirardelli Cafe. I suspect she knew I was drawing her, hence the rather unpleasant look. Other than that, there really is no reason to look unpleasant inside the Ghirardelli Cafe. Ever.

Saturday was certainly a day full of drawing for me! Bill, Dave, and I met up with the San Francisco Sketchcrawlers at Ghirardelli Square at 11am, stayed there until sketchbook swapping was wrapping up at 6, and THEN Bill and I went directly to a single's mixer for the Berkeley Humane society where we volunteered as caricature artists. Neither one of us had ever really done caricatures for people before, so I hope we didn't disappoint. The event was a lot of fun because we were doing portraits of people AND their dogs! So thanks to Piper, Travis, Macgregor, Jack, Brutus, and Sassy Girl (and their owners ofcourse, because I can't possibly be expected to remember people's names) for making it such a fun evening. And thanks to Bill for inviting me to tag along.


Danny said...

that first watercolor of the buildings is gorgeous! Maybe I should tag along with you guys at the next sketchcrawl so I can watch your technique in action. (my water-coloring needs some help/practice :)

(PS, also "Danny" on the SF sketchcrawl results thread)

Anonymous said...

Love your expressive drawings! I'm searching for that portable winston-newton watercolor set! Thanks! -Satoshi

Gerald said...

You created such a Beautiful city scape. I totally missed the SF sketchcrawl. I was in Legoland that day and your illustration reminds me of the mini SF lego city.

I really like the caricatures and watercolors of women sitting..There's great expression and movement in their posture.